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I have owned firearms for over fifty years and competed with firearms for over thirty years. I became somewhat accomplished with the semi-auto, the revolver both double action and single action. I have legally carried concealed for about the same time. During those years, I accumulated the "box of holsters" in pursuit of the one that fit. Now that I am semi retired fom active competition, I have been busy creating designs that work on the street and on the square range.


And I have started producing a SASS legal holster that is fast. The holster has the right amount of retention and can be built for about any SASS legal handgun.


I also make a very comfortable "half pancake" holster for concealed carry. The back is flat and comfortable and the front piece is molded to fit your handgun.


And I can complement the holster with a supple but very strong 1/4" thick concealed carry gunbelt.

As you peruse the site you will see a number of other items that we produce.

Red Cent & Boomer
Deborah: Chief Morale Builder, Best Friend, and a Good Shot.